Monday, August 19, 2013

Why spiritual leaders must be jealous people

Every spiritual leader ought to have a jealous streak. 

Huh? Seriously? I thought jealous was bad!


We must be jealous on behalf of Christ that those we lead love only Him.

See Paul's words about his jealousy regarding the Corinthians:

"I feel a divine jealousy for you, since I betrothed you to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ" (II Corinthians 11:2).

O God, help me and other spiritual leaders be jealous for those we lead in a godly way. May we give and keep giving the church as a betrothed bride to the bridegroom, Jesus. May the people (including and especially the leaders) of our organizations become increasingly loyal to Christ and Christ alone. May we be increasingly pure. May we have no other lovers. May Jesus be increasingly proud of us, His bride. One betrothal. One pure bride. One perfect Husband. Forever. Make it so, Lord God. Make it so. Amen.

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