Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to move from doing the good deeds to sharing the good news on a disaster relief mission trip

CVC is excited to be taking a disaster relief trip to Staten island in New York City. We're going to be helping people restore their homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. 

While it is important for Christians to do good deeds, the good deeds alone are not the the gospel. We do good deeds to create good will so we can share the good news. 

With that in mind, we are asking that one of the team members leads the way in helping others on the team share the gospel story.

One of our team members will lead the team in taking spiritual surveys in the neighborhoods where we are helping the victims of the disaster. 

We are asking that leader to take individual team members off the job for about an hour to go to homes in the neighborhood to do survey work. We're praying that God will open the doors for the opportunity to share the story of gospel of Christ as well as to share our own stories of transformation. 

We will seek to preserve the results of the survey work by writing down the responses briefly and then sharing those responses with a local church that can pray for the people in the neighborhoods and also do follow up. 

Once the survey work has been done for about an hour, the team leader will go back to the team and allow that individual to begin to work on restoring the house again. The leader will then take another team member down the street to do more survey work. 

The goal is that each CVC disaster relief team member will have at least one opportunity during the trip to do survey work, to share their story, and to share the gospel during the course of the trip. Ideally, people on our team might even have two or three opportunities during the course of the week to do some survey work. 

The goal is for our CVCers to not only share the gospel with people of New York but to create greater confidence on the part of the people on our team so that they can share the gospel story with family and friends when they come back to NE Ohio. 

We will print out surveys for our team's use and provide Story tracts. 



We are with a church from Ohio helping one of your neighbors with a Hurricane Sandy disaster relief project.

Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? 

How did the hurricane affect you?

How can we pray for you?

Did the hurricane affect what you believe about God or a higher power?

Who do you think Jesus was? 

What do you think happens when we die?

Would you like to hear a one minute summary of Christianity?
(This is where you or your friend share #1 Creation, #2 Fall, #3 Rescue, and #4 Restoration.)

Would you like to hear how that story has impacted my life?
(This is where one person on the team shares his or her story.) 

May we leave you with some information about the story of Christ and how His story can intersect yours? 

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