Friday, February 15, 2013

Not this time...

This past Wednesday morning at our 6:00 AM prayer, my friend, Mike Murray, prayed a heart-felt prayer for broken, hurting, and tempted people here in NE Ohio. 

I was so deeply moved that I asked him if he could write the prayer down so I could post it on the blog. Mike graciously agreed. Please take the time to read his prayer and, if it expresses your heart, pray for the people of CLE yourself, using your own words. 



You know of situations in Cleveland where debauchery and depravity abound. I don't like to think about it. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. But I believe in You and Your ability to step into situations and probably many more - just because I asked.

There is a child today - a boy or a girl who will be told, "You will never amount to anything." Please bless them with momentary deafness so they don't need to hear the words. Not this time.

There is a child today who will be slammed against a wall again by an abusive parent with drug or anger issues. The hand will grab the child's throat and squeeze it like a ragdoll. But the child does matter. Can You grab that hand, just today, just for a moment, and spare the child?

There is a girl, Lord, who is destined to be sexually assaulted, maybe by her own father. Can You supernaturally, just this once, lock a door so he isn't near her?

There is a boy, Lord, who will be forced to join a Cleveland gang. He won't feel like he has any choice. Please intervene and deflect the invitation - just today.

There is another boy who is 10 - just 10 - who may be planning to watch porn on the Internet or from a DVD the parents leave around. Can You keep his eyes from the nudity? In Appalachia a few years back, I still remember the 13 year old who casually and honestly admitted to watching porn on a regular basis. What kind of families do that? How many are destroying the lives of children, Your precious children?

There is a Cleveland child today who will have ready access to drugs. He or she could put another needle in their arms and get high. I picture a parent being around when it happens, encouraging, allowing, participating. Could You make this a drug-free day?

I know You can do it. I know You send angels. I know You do things like protect people from getting hit by cars because You send a distracting wind or a butterfly. Can You move in and out of these lives today?

And now, I picture these and hundreds of others who will be spared today. Raise them up in Your army over the coming decades as mighty warriors who will gladly follow You despite their wounds.

Thank You, Father, for protecting our children from drugs, from being filmed for child pornography, from being raped and hit and, from being told "You will never amount to anything."

And bless them with Your sweetness and Your presence.


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