Wednesday, January 09, 2013

How to live like a Beloved Child (2 of 4)

What might be different in your life if you literally began to call God "Daddy" when you pray to Him? 

Our adversary, the devil, loves to attack our understanding of our status as sons and daughters of God. We forget we are Beloved Children. 

Satan accuses us to neutralize us. His sinister whispers sound like, "How could you think that? You are a loser as a Christian. God won't bless you anymore. God can't love someone like you." 

But no matter what, we are Beloved Children! For most followers of Christ, that's a known fact. That fact ought to silence the haunting accusations of the devil. 

But it's not enough for us to know you are Beloved Children, we have to live it! Are you living in the freedom and power of being a Beloved Child? 

How can you live like a Beloved Child? Romans 8:12-17 gives us four characteristics of members of His forever family. The first is to forsake your fears. Here is the second:

See God as "daddy."

At CVC, we have many families with adopted children. We have a huge heart for adoption in our church family. These adopted children didn't do anything to deserve being adopted. Yet they posses all the perks of their adoptive families. And one of those perks is the right to call God "daddy."

... but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, "Abba! Father." (Romans 8:15b)

"Abba" means "daddy." Our heavenly Father is asking us to call Him "Daddy." The word conveys a warm sense of intimacy. God is wanting us to know Him so intimately that we dare to call Him "Daddy." How many of us literally call Him "Daddy?" 

There is a big difference when children call their fathers "daddy" or "father." When kids say "daddy," it grabs the father's attention. That's how God wants us to come to Him because we are His children. We are His beloved (I John 3:1). 

We can't let the things of the past continue to haunt us. We can show up at church every time the doors are open and we can work hard in serving Christ, but it won't make us more God's children than we were before. We don't have to earn our adoption. 

Think about it! Our heavenly Father, Abba, wants us to call Him "Daddy." The King of kings - the Lord of lords, the Creator of all that exists, the One who knows the numbers of hairs on our heads - wants us to cll Him "Daddy." 

Our identity isn't in our performance. It's in being adopted sons and daughters who have a "Daddy" in heaven.

Question: Will you call God "Daddy" in prayer for the rest of this week? 

(Note: This post was inspired by a message from Jason Van Horn on Saturday night, January 5, 2013.)

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