Wednesday, January 30, 2013

16 ways to assess your commitment to Missional Living

I am currently in El Salvador on a mission trip to Love and Hope Children's Home. Mark Zimmerman of WCRF is leading our vision tour. Rick McKee pastor of Christ Community Church, Stow Campus, is part of the tour, too.

I am enjoying seeing up close and personal what Rachel Sanson and her team have been building. Rachel grew up attending CVC. God called her to mission work here in El Salvador. The Children's Home opened under her leadership about 10 years ago. 

Rachel and her team are caring for 28 abused, neglected, and abandoned children. The kids are energizing, fun, busy, and inspiring. 

We've also traveled to several surrounding villages to see where these kids have come from. It's stunning to see where they have come from and to compare that to where they are now. 

Through Rachel and her staff, God has rescued these children and they now have amazing opportunities ahead of them. What might these children become over the next 10 years as they grow as disciples? I can see them as leaders in churches, in education, in business, in the country. 

Of course, when we go on mission, God not only works through us, but in us. The trip has made me want to evaluate how well I am living as a missionary. Am I truly a missionary 24/7/365 and not just while in El Salvador? 

How about you? Why not evaluate yourself as a missionary? You can use the tool below to assess your level of growth. Simply rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 (5 being high) as to how well the statement applies to you.


1. I realize that Jesus is for everyone.
2. I maintain friendships with those who are far from God for the purpose of sharing Christ.
3. I invited non-Christian friends to my baptism or to the baptism of family or friends.
4. I have developed a written testimony.
5. I pray for those who are without Christ.
6. I regularly invite people to worship services / programs.
7. I know the basics of how to share the gospel.
8. I join God in what He doing to reach new people for Christ.
9. I find volunteer opportunities to serve locally & regionally outside the church – serving the last, least and lost.
10. I have learned how to defend the faith (apologetics).
11. I understand how to engage in spiritual warfare.
12. I have increased my commitment to Missional Living outside the local church.
13. I see myself as a ‘missionary cleverly disguised as .....’
14. I am growing in my ability to communicate the faith with cultural and racial sensitivity.
15. I am committed to world evangelization and have and/or will serve in an international mission project.
16. I have led people to put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.

Question: What are one or two relationships, experiences, practices, or learnings that you could engage in that would raise your assessment in one or two areas? 

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