Friday, December 07, 2012

11 ways to evaluate your passion for Living Truth

At CVC, we have a passion for Living Truth. We believe the Word of God is alive and active in our lives. 

How passionate are you about the Living Truth, the Word of God? Do you truly value the scriptures?

Below are statements that demonstrate a passion to encounter our risen Savior through His Word, the Bible. Evaluate your passion by rating your life on a scale of 1-10, 10 being high. Where do you need to grow? Will you ask God to help you grow in these opportunity areas? What disciplines can you begin to practice so you can see your passion increase? 

1. I regularly ask others, “Are you in the Book?” and "What are you learning from God's Word?" 

2. I open the Bible to encounter it's truth with a good and teachable heart.

3. When I read it, the Bible regularly comes alive to me and pierces my heart. 

4. I spontaneously share what God is currently teaching me through His Word. 

5. I daily pursue God through His Word because I long to receive “hand-delivered” messages from the Lord. 

6. I don’t just show up on weekends to get a bite-sized snack that is supposed to carry me for a week.
7. I believe that the Word of God is the living and active truth of God.

8. I seek to learn the Word, to pray it, to sing it, to live it, and to share it. 

9.  The Bible is foundational, authoritative, and applicable for all I do in my personal life, in my family, in my LifeGroup, and in corporate worship. 

10. I creatively communicate and apply the eternal, infallible, and unchanging Word of God utilizing printed materials, music, the arts, and media, as well as the spoken word. 

11. I long to see the power of the living truth evident in the lives of all who make CVC their church home.

Question: What other ways do you evaluate your passion for the Living Truth?


Joseph Matovich said...

This is just another way you inspire followers to become MORE passionate in there faith...
MATTHEW 20:26,28

Rick Eimers said...

I think we need to realize that whenever we are with another person, we are either speaking "life words" or "death words". If someone is in need of encouragement, do you withhold it? If so, you're not living out "living truth".

All of these are great. General connecting with conversation over a cup of coffee can be some of the best moments of growth and can reflect living truth as much as anything else.

Love your posts.

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