Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Does God Allow Satan To Tempt Us?

Have you ever wondered: Why would God grant to Satan, His enemy, any requests? Why does God tolerate the activity of Satan at all?

Recently, I delivered a message from Luke 22 about Satan's sifting of Simon Peter. And in my research, I found some great ideas from John Piper about why God would tolerate the temptations and destruction of Satan. I edited his words to fit the message for CVC.

Think of God as an omniscient Commander in Chief. He’s going to fight and win the war in the way that will bring Him most glory for His wisdom and power. He could steam roll over the enemy all at once. But instead, He combines strategic advances and retreats that allow the enemy some illusion of success for a limited time.

He wants all creation to see all the arrogance and hatred that the enemy has against the Commander in Chief. The Commander knows when the end should come.

For now, He allows the enemy to defy His rule. And then when evil is fully seen for all the devastation it brings, He will destroy the enemy in such a way that no one will ever doubt the wisdom and glory and power of the Commander. There will never be another rebellion like the one between Genesis 1 and Genesis 3.

God is allowing this rebellion against Him to play itself out to prove for all eternity to all creation, that rebelling against a loving, sovereign Creator is foolish and futile and devastating. 

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