Sunday, July 31, 2011

A conversation with a new friend, a Muslim (part 2)

My previous post was about a conversation with a new friend I made at Panera in Seven Hills.

My old friend, Wray, wrote the following email to let me know what happened after our friend left Panera.


Rick, our friend followed me to the park and we talked for almost another hour.  

I mentioned the story of the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip to him as I was about to leave, he insisted that I sit down with him at a nearby park table before I left.  

He indicated that he was a former advisor to the Moroccan royal family but he lost his position when his father died.  

He told me that he had a dream the other night that two men would share some important information with him that would impact 16 other men. He then asked me to read any chapter 16 in the bible to him, I read him all of John 16 emphasizing the last verse.  

He said that he thought that we were the two guys from his dream.  

I then read Romans 10:8-12 to him and gave him my business card.  Before I left, I gave him the small bible that I have carried in my back pocket for some 20 years, and prayed with him.


Please join us in prayer for this wonderful new friend.


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! It's an incredible blessing to be used by God.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting this divine encounter. It is exciting to be used and a great reminder for us to be aware, to be open, to be ready. I will pray for Mustafa, too.

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