Friday, March 19, 2010

A prayer to forgive those who have hurt you

Have you been hurt deeply? This weekend, I am speaking from Matthew 18 about the need for us to forgive the hurts we've suffered. Below is a prayer that I have put together with the help of a friend who's suffered deep, deep trauma. If you've been hurt, maybe you could use the following prayer as a guide will help you experience the freedom Jesus longs to give you.


Jesus, I'm coming to You because I know I need to forgive ______________.

I feel like I don't have anything to bring except all this sadness, anger, and shame from being hurt. Jesus, I know living with all of this pain steals Your glory and hinders my joy.

I know that can't forgive on my own. I don't have the grace in me to forgive on my own.

So, I am bringing the hurt to You and laying it all at Your feet. Your Word says I must forgive the ones who have hurt me. So, I here and now make the decision to do it. By faith, I choose to obey You by forgiving those who have hurt me.

I entrust the ones who have hurt me to You. You can handle the justice. Give me the strength to give this all to You and rest in the fact that You will make these wrongs right one day.

Please heal me from the inside out. I want to let go of this. I don't want this to consume me anymore. Change my heart, O God. Set me free from the prison of bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness.

Help me to learn to live by faith and not by my feelings. Jesus, You forgave me a huge debt that I could never have repaid by dying on the cross for me. And I know that those who have hurt me do not owe me as much as I owe You. No matter how much someone has sinned against me, it doesn’t compare with how I sinned against You.

Because I have been forgiven of such a great debt by Christ, by faith I now choose to forgive ____________________ unconditionally in Christ.

I know that I do not have the power to forgive this way. So, I am here and now trusting You, Jesus, to forgive through me. Give me the supernatural ability to give to others the same grace and mercy that You have given me. I release to You those who have hurt me. They are no longer accountable to me for those hurts. I put ____________________ in your hands because You are the only One who can handle justice righteously.

Thank you Lord, for loving me and forgiving me. Thank You for supernaturally enabling me to forgive by the power of Your Holy Spirit. And thank You, Jesus, for setting me free.

I love you, Lord, and I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.


Susan W. said...

I've just had my heart broken... again... and I found this prayer. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I desperately needed to let this pain go and to give it all to Christ.

Please be in prayer for me, as I feel I have a long and painful road to travel, but in Jesus' name, I will make it.

Thank you again and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I've had my heart broken a while back and once I forgave her I was able to continue my walk with Christ. Thank you for posting this prayer

Mary said...

My friend told me that if I don't forgive God won't forgive me. I have been holding on to so much hurt and resntmen and even hate for different people. I have been feeling so bitter lately it really has been hurting my life.I have to forgive myself also. I may not remember to say the prayer exactly word for word But today I will pray for God's Help for forgiveness and also to put it all in his hands for justice. Mary

Anonymous said...

i am so looks like all eyes are focused on me, i feel so small and can't move freely and's as if i committed the biggest crime of all time! and the sad thing is, they haven't even looked at the good things i have done..they are more focused on my my flaws of which i am actually trying to redeem..but they kept on looking for more mistakes ... please pray for me..i need more strength...i am beginning to give up , im feeling discouraged and i'm not happy with my job anymore as my bosses are just focused on me and my possible flaws..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this prayer. My family is fasting & in prayer day & night. I was raped by my fiance's brother on my first trip to meet him. My fiance was not with me but the truth has finally come out. My fiance chose me over the brother but that caused and a rift in the family and the brother is married. His wife is 9 months pregnant and I told my fiance but we all chose to spare the wife's feelings till later. She figured out something was wrong because her husband's family shyed away from her. She heard her husband's lies and of course I became the bad guy. At altar call the Lord told my pastor to tell me to surrender. The Lord is already repairing the broken pieces. I need to let go of the hate, anger and pain. This prayer is perfect! Thank you for this prayer that will help me in my recovery.

Jenny said...

How do you know when finally to stop praying this for a paricular person ... I mean how do u know that u have forgiven him/her?

Liz said...

Thank you so much for this prayer I really really needed to read this I was betrayed by my bestfriend and someone I use to date and I feel all these emotions right now but I want to forgive but I also can't forget and even though I forgave I can't be friends with her again the trust is gone but I forgive her THANK YOU GOD AND JESUS FOR ALWAYS BEING WITH ME AND GUIDING ME .... :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you , for this pray , I know the lord would hear my cry, my husband is hurting me so much , in silence no love no sex no attention no speech not even a minute not his time & can't ask him nothing , I have no one to talk to or hear me ,I'm so lonely , thank you, I hope I can let go all this pain & angry & find a solution to make my marriage work

Whisperingdragon said...

I love this very much.

Catabois Passe said...

Thanks to post this prayer!
I am happy to read this.
Please help me pray for the LORD Jesus send his Holly spirit to heal me, because I am hurting by some favorite people in my life.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful prayer and exactly what I need to help heal my heart of the bitterness I feel. Saying it even just once made me feel better. Thank you!

Overcomer said...

I searched for a prayer online because I can hardly open my mouth to say my own. Most times I attempt to pray for the person who hurt me, I immediately break down in tears, thinking/feeling that I should not have to. I will say your prayer until I get a break through. I hope to share the testimony soon. Thank you.

Mansi Gururaj said...

Even as a person who refuses to go to church and is critical of Christian groups in general. .. I am touched. This prayer is wonderful and perfect. Our hurts, the injustice, the unfairness are all put to divine power and we are released of the burden. We ask and god fulfills. Thank you.

Jamall White said...

I feel relief. It is over. I feel so much better by this prayer. I am free. I am a miracle a walking miracle. Thank you for this and thank you Jesus.

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