Sunday, December 27, 2009

What is revival?

Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?
Ps 85:6 (ESV)

From the book Revival, by Richard Owen Roberts

Revival is an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results. Our concern has been with what we can do for God rather than with what He can do for us. No amount of human effort can produce true revival.

Here are the extraordinary results produced by true revival:

intense sense conviction of sin comes,
conduct previously appearing acceptable seems wicked,
prejudices are seen as grievous sins,
private indulgences are seen as deserving of God’s wrath,
prayerlessness is no longer defended,
ignorance of scripture is no longer defended,
sins of omission are no longer defended,
failure in good works is no longer defended,
pride is not excused,
self-centered living is not excused,
words carelessly spoken will cease,
long forgotten sins will be remembered and confessed,
the cross appears truly precious,
the fear of man will be subdued by the desire to serve Christ,
God’s timing and plan and purpose will rule supreme,
peoples and pastors will be gloriously remade,
the people will be broken and pliant,
people are enabled to do God’s will,
love of money is defeated,
delight in ease and pleasure goes away,
long overdue debts are paid,
restitution is made,
believers go and confess to those they have sinned against,
interest in the Word of God increases,
prayer becomes a delight,
believers long to be with the Lord,
agony for lost souls increases,
only true and lasting conversions will satisfy,
holiness becomes a prime goal in life,
fervor and excitement is real,
believers make Jesus Lord,
believers march like a conquering army,
new converts are made without arm-twisting,
social concerns take on new meaning, and
causes that lacked funding have needs met through believers’ generosity.


Randy Chestnut said...

I first read Richard Owen Roberts book "Revival" 21 years ago as a Junior in Bible College and it is as powerful (and convicting) today as it was in 1988. I will be joining with you in praying for revival!

Jeffrey Hardwick said...

I believe revival begins within each individual and then it can spread thoughout the world.

We do not have any excuses not to be revived. He is with us at all times. He promised He will never leave us nor forsake us.

How much does God truly desire revival?

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